April 22 concert Hammer Klavier Trio (Hamburg) in Oh! Mumbai

Hammer Klavier Trio was founded by keyboardist Boris Netsvetaev in 2002 with the participation of Hamburg musicians Philip Stein (bass) and Kai Bussenius (drums). The style of this ensemble can be described as a kind of mix of modern jazz, classics, funk, hip-hop and electronic music. Over the shoulders of the band are two albums, concert tours around Europe and performances at major jazz festivals.
The guys planned a trip to St. Petersburg at the end of April and by a lucky chance we had common friends with them! Therefore, we look forward to welcoming them on April 22, to listen to the advanced hooligan jazz and get to know the guys closer!

The concert starts at 19:00
Free admission
Reservation of seats: 8(812)314-03-40
Oh! Mumbai/Indian cuisine
Moika Embankment 62/2